Our Team

Alisa Lange – Principal

Alisa joined Design Products, a now 50+ year old company in 1990. She, along with a partner, purchased DPI in 1991. Alisa then bought her partner out in 2000. In April of 2017 Alisa merged DPI with the The Rep Group and formed a new partnership with Julian McMichael and Mark Elledge.

Alisa has been involved in significant GSA and commercial projects and has a wealth of knowledge from all disciplines; manufacturing, product design, specification, and project management. She has frequently been part of product development for a number of clients and manufactures and is viewed as a resource by them in translating product solutions needed by her designers and end-users alike. Her experience enables her to collaborate with distributors and manufactures to resolve details to insure the success of each and every project.

Alisa feels the strength of Design Products has always been quality people, face-to-face presentations, providing technical assistance on projects and being very active in the community in which we work. Our mission is to continually strive to exceed expectations by being the most knowledgeable, creative, and collaborative source to the design community and business partners.



Julian McMichael – Principal

Julian graduated from University of Virginia with a BS Architecture degree. After working for a general contractor for three years, Julian joined a startup furniture dealership and worked there for over seven years.  In this position he built his contacts and mastered every angle of the contract furnishings industry.

Julian then worked for a highly regarded International Design and Architecture firm founded in 1936. At this firm he worked on many high profile projects in the District of Columbia further honing his industry skills.   In 2015 he joined Mark Elledge to form their own company (The Rep Group) as independent manufacture representatives.

Julian has tremendous product knowledge, technical skills from his days in the contracting industry, as well as a unique understanding of what goes into making a project a success having a background in architecture, project management, specification and design.



Mark Elledge – Principal

Mark has been in the contract furniture industry since 2008.  He began his career working as a project manager for a furniture dealership before expanding on that knowledge and moving into sales.  In his sales position he felt there was a lack of responsive, knowledgeable, and passionate manufacturer sales reps and he saw an opportunity to be the type of rep he felt his colleagues in the community would want to work with.

In 2015 Mark made the decision to partner with Julian McMichael to form The Rep Group.  Mark and Julian enjoyed success with their firm and he is excited to continue their journey of providing exceptional support to the design community through the merger with Design Products Inc.



Shannon Lunney - Associate

Shannon has been in the furniture industry since 1980 when she started as a sales assistant to 5 salespeople for a large furniture dealership.  She joined a International furniture manufacture in 1984 and handled Customer Service for the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Shannon joined Design Products in 1986 and handles all aspects of administrative support as well as providing quotes, finishes, and making sure any and all requests are filled the day they are received.

Shannon’s in-depth knowledge of the market and our products make her one of the best customer service people in our industry. 



Stacy Curtis - Sales Associate, Southern Virginia

Stacy has been in the Architecture and Design Industry since she graduated with a BFA in Interior Design in 1992. She started her career working for a highly regarded firm in Washington DC. where she brought creativity, vision and tactical focus to her clients’ ambitions.  In 1997 Stacy relocated to Richmond Virginia is proud to call RVA home!

In 1999 Stacy made the transition from design to sales and represented a top manufacturer for six years in the Southern Virginia territory.  Over the last twenty years, Stacy has been involved in some of the largest projects in the Richmond and Southern Virginia market.  Stacy is known for her ability to listen with sensitivity and respond with impactful solutions. By educating clients on products and trends she has created many meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Each project is important to her and she believes that design is one of the most powerful tools for conveying a clients’ vision and values. Stacy is excited to provide exceptional support to the design, dealership and corporate community.